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Restore - "Start Windows Normally"

Created: 16 Feb 2013

Hello !

I try to do a remote ghost of a Windows 7 32 bit computer (so computer is live), using psexec.exe and ghost32.exe. There is only one partition on the computer: C: (no hidden partition...)

Here is the command I use:

for /f %%a in (backup.txt) do (

psexec.exe /accepteula -u %%a\%LocalAdmUsr% -p %LocalAdmPwd% \\%%a cmd "/C net use z: \\%SrvName%\%SrvShare% /user:%SrvName%\%SrvAdmUsr% %SrvAdmPwd% /persistent:no & mkdir z:\prod\%%a & start /min z:\ghost32.exe -CLONE,MODE=create,SRC=1,DST=z:\prod\%%a\%%a.gho -SURE"


It connects to a remote computer, run silently ghost32.exe and creates a ghost of the remote computer on a network drive. It seems to work.. I see the GHO on the network drive, can browse it with GhostExplorer, etc...

But, when I restore it on another computer (exactly the same model), then boot the computer, Windows asks me if I want to boot in Safe Mode or Normally (Start Windows Normally). I select "Start Windows Normally" and it boots normally.

Question: why ? Is there a way to boot normally without this question ? What's the cause ? Related to the pagefile.sys or something similar ? The version of Ghost32.exe is

Thanks in advance


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