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hi , 

i have Backup exec 2012 and i need to restore some files from the tape

the server that i need to restore from it is no more working ,  so i cannot access it from server list in order
to restore data from tape .
when importing tape and catalogue it i dont find any menus that allows me to restore directely from Tape
(like Backup exec 2010)
so i need to know how to  restore directly from tape (like the last version Bakcup Exec 2010)
Thanks a lot

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1) Inventory and catalog your tape.

2) In the Backup and Restore tab, you would be able to see the defunct server.  You can then double-click on this server, select your backup set and do the restore.

BTW, do not tag your discussion with all the available tags.  Choose only the appropriate tags.

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ok pkh,
and if i have a tape that i have imported from another backup server  ,that's mean the name of the server does not appears in the list of servers ? what should i do ?

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You got to inventory and catalog the tape first before the server will appear

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Thank you Pkh ,

that's mean if my tape contain 5 backup set of 5 old server (and there are not listed in BE 2012 console)

there will appear's in the liste of server ?

Thanks a lot

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Yes, If you go to storage and go inside tape where backup was taken and then to Backup Sets then you will find the backup sets of all th servers.


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this is what i have done ,but there are no menu to retore data ?