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Restore from vault - no attachments

Created: 18 May 2011 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

using evault 9.0.1 on W2K3 SP2 and Outlook 2007. Int he Outlook client when I click on the icon to restore from vault an archived email I get the email message fine but not the attachments. Only this below for the attachments:






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so it sounds like its not restoring it properly
Don't suppose your vault store is in backup mode is it?
Are you able to open the item properly if you double click the item?
Are you logged in as yourself when you try to do and restoring to your own mailbox or do you have another mail profile open asn trying to restore someone elses archived mail to their mailbox?
Can you open the item in Archive Explorer or Search.asp?
What happens if you attempt to copy the item to the mailbox in Archive Explorer and send it to the Restored Items folder (right click the message and select Copy to Mailbox)

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and just to add to that, has this ever worked? when did you notice it not working correctly and is it just for you or is it for other people as well? and do you have any errors on the EV Server that coincide with this error?

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man..alot to research and reply back. I'll need time. Great when things work like they should!

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Sorry :)
I just didn't want to ask one question then have you respond after a few minutes then ask you another etc, my first best guess is that the Vault Store is in backup mode, which won't allow for restores back to the mailbox.

However it will allow you to view an item by double clicking it and opening the shortcut, and if that doesn't work, then it could just be a communications issue with EV itself, either the storage service not being started, or that it can't resolve the EV server name and therefore can't make the request properly.

There are lots of things you can try
such as checking items through Archive Explorer and Search directly on the ev server
making sure there are no errors on the ev event logs maybe saying you don't have permissions
making sure the same behavior follows you from machine to machine (is it user specific? machine specific? affects multiple users? etc)
If AE and Search can open items and restore items, you could try setting the policy to set your client to act like its HTTP only, someone else had an issue where full DCOM/RPC functionality didn't work, but http lite client did, that was because the name of the evsite  couldn't be resolved, but it could get to http://yourEVServer/EnterpriseVault/ properly

Also i think the process is a bit finicky if you are logged on as DOMAIN\yourUser and you create a mail profile to DOMAIN\anotherUser and you try and perform tasks such as store in vault and restore from vault, because EV passes the Domain\YourUser across and determines its not the owner of AnotherUsers mailbox etc

If all else fails you can try the following
1. Log on to the EV Server as the EVAdmin account
2. Open a command prompt and CD to your \Program Files\Enterprise Vault\ directory
3. Type "Dtrace" and press Enter
4. Type "set AgentClientBroker v" and press Enter
5. Type "set w3wp v" and press Enter
6. Type "set storagerestore v" and press Enter
7. Type "log C:\RestoreFail.txt" and press Enter
8. Minimize the command prompt
9. Attempt to reproduce the error by trying to restore some email
10. Once you have reproduced the error go back to the command prompt
11. Type "Exit" and press Enter and then close the command prompt window

If you could attach the DTrace that would be great also.

Another thing to consider as well, is the shortcut itself might be "orphaned" , meaning that it was deleted in Archive Explorer or Search.asp or Virtual Vault or Storage Expiry, and that the shortcut has not been deleted by Enterprise Vaults "Orphaned Shortcut Deletion" process

You could tell if this was the case if you went to Search.asp and attempted to search for that email or find it in archive explorer or if you were to attempt to restore other items and they do restore correctly.