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restore from VM backup

Created: 26 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Netbackup solaris 10

We have backed up a UNIX VM client by falsh windows backup policy, and by VMWARE menthod.
Now we want to restore its data (File system approach) to a physical server.
Is it possible ?
ALso I tried to restore by choosing normal backups and flsah backup windows, selected latest full & successfive incrementals, restore failed with EC 2817.

I tried by again with same selctions except selecting only full, thsi time restore started and wrote some data and failed with again same error.

This what I found in logs:

13 00:59:44 - Info tar (pid=16317) done. status: 183: tar received an invalid archive
04/27/2013 00:59:44 - Error bpbrm (pid=12905) client restore EXIT STATUS 183: tar received an invalid archive

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NBU35's picture

Also in this way is it possible to restore FS data of LinUX VM to SOlaris physical server.

Douglas_A's picture

You cannot do like a V to P type operation using the VMware method.

The OS wouldnt have the drivers and i dont believe the NBU client would accept that data knowing it was a different type of backup..

Same thing goes with restoring Windows FS data to a Linux FS. Yes it probably could be done and read by the other FS, however NBU does not allow this action.

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SO Pleas confirm, if I am correct it means we can not restore data of any virtual machine backed up by NBU for VMware by Flash backup windows policy, on to any physical machine.. ???

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technically its possilbe.. when you make the backup with below conditions..

Restoring individual files
If the VMware backup was made with either of the following, you can restore
individual files:
■ An MS-Windows policy that uses VCB.
■ A FlashBackup-Windows policy with a Virtual Machine Backup parameter
set to any of the following:
■ File level snapshot using VCB
■ Mapped fullVMbackup
■ Full backup with file level incremental
see the 7.1 admin guide for VMware page number 135 for details on how to do the restore.. 
Douglas_A's picture

As Nagalla Stated it might be possible,

If its Flash-Backup Windows then you shoudl be able to do the restore, but its not a supported method at this time.

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Restore completed successfully.

Constraint: data should be restored on client of same type of OS.