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Restoring BE 2010 Tape using BE 2012

Created: 11 May 2013 | 6 comments
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Dear phk,

i am using Tape Backup for VM Backup. is it enough to do the Catalog and Inventory to do the Restore on remote Side or we need to import the data as you mentioned above like B2Disk.

Tape Backup we taken from BE2010 and restore job going to happen on BE2012.

please advise.

Thanks in Advance.

Murugan S

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Since you are using tapes, you don't have to do the import which is only for B2D folders.  You only need to inventory (or scan if you are using barcode labels) the tapes and then catalog them.

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Hi pkh,

Hate to bring this up after such a long time but how do I run a restore after I have run the inventory and cataloged it.  The tape was from another server and from an older version.  When ever I select restore from BE 2012, it only brings up the servers that I have currently backed up. 

Thank you for your help. 

CraigV's picture pkh's excellent article on restoring data from a defunct server:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thank you for the quick reply.  I did read the article but unfortunately, after successfully cataloging the tape, the defunct server isn't listed for the restore.  I'm wondering what I'm missing if anything?  Perhaps a critical piece of information is that the tape is from a Novell server.  I had thought that if I was able to successfully catalog the tape, I would be able to restore from it.   

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If the Novell system was backed up using the Netware agent, then I doubt restore of this server will work with BE 2012 (As in BE 2012, Netware agent backups/restores is EOL)

Applies if backed up via TSAs as well. Cannot be restored using BE 2012.

Only workaround is to restore using a BE 2010 server.