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restoring from .bkf files

Created: 20 Aug 2014 • Updated: 21 Aug 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Ok so the data has finished restoring but it is still in .bkf format. Is there a way to pull out what I need from these files?

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1. Check your disk storages to make sure that the filenames of these .bkf files do not clash with any of the existing ones. If they clash then rename them.

2. Copy these .bkf files into a disk storage.

3. Inventory them, catalog and restore

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Ok, will do and feedback. Many thanks.

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Silly question - but I need to copy these into my B2D folder on my BE 2012 server right?

Or should I be putting them in the BEData folder?

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Into an existing B2D folder or better still, create a new Disk Storage and put the .bkf files over there.

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Isn't this what I say in Step 2 of my earlier comment?  B2D folders are called disk storage in BE 2012.

You can only have one disk storage per volume with BE 2012 which is why I did not ask you to create a new disk storage for them.  You might not have the extra volume.

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Its ok I got it sorted. You were right I had to put them into the disk storage/B2D folder. Once I did that and ran an Inventory and Catalog the backup set that I needed appeared in the list of backup sets when I double clicked into disk storage.

From there I was able to drill down into the contents and obtain the information I needed. Many thanks for the help guys and thanks for your patience pkh yes