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Restoring to different hardware? Bare metal recovery?

Created: 08 Apr 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

My company uses Backup Exec 12.x.  My question is, while we perform backups nightly to tape with Backup Exec 12.x what happens if we have a hardware failure where we need to restore the data and system state to alternative hardware?  The way I see it is we would need to be using different software and doing bare metal recoverys.  Do I have to purchase System Recovery for this or is there a addon for Backup Exec 12?

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Ben L.'s picture

By alternative hardware do you mean a completely different server or just replacing a hard drive or a motherboard type of thing?

Also will you be using IDR or just a standard DR?

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ksup's picture

I mean a totally different system, say for instance the backup tape contains the system state and data files from a dell server and the only server to restore to is an HP.

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bare metal recovery to different hardware is not something BackupExec does well.  In v11 they Introduced SRO the System Recovery option

in v12 it is a separate product Backup Exec System Recovery

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We purchased Backup Exec System Recovery over three years ago when I was formulating our company's Disaster Recovery plan. Three years later having successfully performed three annual disaster recovery tests, recovering from failed server hardware, and executing a real disaster recovery to bare metal hardware and single-handedly getting 20+ servers with multiple terabytes of information up and running in less than 36 hours, I can tell you without hesitation it has worked well for us and was worth every penny we spent for it.