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Restoring emails from Journal failing...

Created: 19 Dec 2012 | 2 comments


I'm trying to restore a couple of emails from the journal to a users mailbox but they keep failing.

Event ID: 2270, and 2227 appear in the event log when I try this,

I have researched the error and it suggests its a problem with access rights, although I am logged in using a service account which has full permissions on all mailboxes and archives?

I've tried running a d-trace but cannot spot anything obvious on option 88 ? (Don't know if that's the right one to see what's going on).

Any suggestions would be appricaited.

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What's the version of EV are you using would be a good start. Can you go through the process of the restore step by step? Are you logged on to the EV server or elsewhere? What is option 88 as on each server it varies a little bit. You need the stroagerestore process, storageonlineopns, w3wp, agentclientbroker and archiving task too, probably a few more. Can you post the dtrace?


Chau Tran


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OK so first things first
how are you trying to restore the items? through search.asp and a shopping basket?
what are the exact errors that you are seeing?
What are you dtracing?
What version of Enterprise Vault and what version of Exchange?
Where are you trying to restore to? The journal mailbox or an individual mailbox or a PST file?