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Restoring Enterprise vault server's backup to another server

Created: 27 Aug 2012 • Updated: 04 Sep 2012 | 4 comments
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I wanted to recover some deleted data by restoring the backup of enterprise vaul server on antother server.

I wanted to know should I have to keep the same host name and IP for other server on which I will restore and also I need to know same for SQL, if I have to keep the SQL server name same as the original one. and if I restore on the server with different hostname and IP for bot EV and SQL then do I have to do any changes in SQL or on EV

We have Enterprise vault 9.0.2 installed on windows 2008 R2 ent. and SQL 2005

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Hi Wayne

Thank you very much for your help and quick responce.

Can you confirm if I can restore the backup on different server with different Hostname of ev server and different SQL server.

and after restoration is done will enterprise vault recognize the ev DATA.


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You can restore using different names, that’s no problem, that environment will be able to recognize that data but your old instance will be unaware of it. You will need to export the data to PST's and Import it back into your current environment should you need it ;)

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Just to note, if it isn't already apparant, that in the EV2007 days, if you have like 15 vault stores in an environment and you deleted an archive or even just an archived item, all you needed to do was to restore that one server and one vault store and its partitions to recover the item or archive......

But now with EV8+, because of OSIS and the items potentially being stored in any of those 15 vault stores and numerous partitions, you would have to restore all 15 servers, all 15 partitions and data etc in order to be able to export properly, otherwise you might end up with a ton of errors saying that it couldn't recombine an item because a DVSSP from VaultStore08 was missing and another missing from VaultStore02 etc