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Restoring Exchange 2003 Mailbox

Created: 26 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

We were taking backups of our Exchange 2003 server via backup exec using the Exchange Agent, but have decomissioned and scrapped our Exchange server some time ago. Now we need to restore a mailbox, I was told that it was not possible to extract the .edb and log files and that the only way to restore is to an Exchange server. Can anyone confirm this? If I could extract the .edb files I could probably use other software we have to grab the mailbox.

If it's not possible to extract the .edb files does anyone have a recomendation on how best to restore the data? Other then having to rebuild an Exchange 2003 server?


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Hello Criztian,

    If the backups are taken to Backup to Disk folder then browse to the B2D folder on physical location. There will be IMG folder inside the B2D folder and those IMG folder will contain your EDB files.

If the backups are taken to Tapes with GRT option enabled then you can duplicate the backups to Backup to Disk. When the backup set is duplicated it will store the EDB files inside the IMG folder at the B2D location.



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