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Restoring Exchange items from a VM using Backup Exec 2012

Created: 21 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

I will endeavour to put as much information as I can here, but please understand that I am not certain that we have this backup solution setup/configured correctly so please make no assumptions - especially about the level of my knowledge :-)

We have a physical server running Backup Exec 2012 that we use to backup a guest VM running SBS 2011. I am able to restore normal files from the SBS server with no issues, but when I try to restore individual items from a user's Exchange mailbox, it fails each time.

The error I got was as follows :-

V-79-57344-4612 - The path (D:\Staging) on the Backup Exec server for staging temporary data when restoring individual items must be on an NTFS volume that is local to the Backup Exec server. Edit the properties for the restore job, and under Settings, click Advanced. Change the path, and then submit the job again.

I followed the steps suggested, but I still had the same issue. After browing through the KB and forums, I found a link suggesting that I need to install the "agent for VMware and Hyper-V license" :-

It's at this stage that I am not clear on what is needed. The SBS box has a Backup Exec agent installed, and if I go to Licence Information within Backup Exec, it shows "Agent for Hyper-V" as Licenced and Installed. If I go to "Install Options and Licences on this Backup Exec server" though, I only see two items listed - Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Edition and Maintenance (expired in June).

Do I need to install any additional software and/or agents ?

Would the setup I currently have allow me to make best use of Backup Exec to backup/restore VMs (particularly VHD files) ?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.


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1. This D:\Staging, is it large enough to stage the mailbox database and log files?

2. Have you installed the Exchange Management console on the backup Exec Media Server. Make sure that you have also applied all the Service Packs and Rollups that you have applied to the Exchange enviornment on the SBS Server.

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1. Yes, the "D:\Staging" has more than enough space

2. No, I haven't installed the Exchange Management Console on the Backup Exec server, as that is running on a physical server that is not in the same domain as the SBS VM that it is backing up.

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It needs to Exchange Management console to get the Exchange GRT restore part to work. As for Media Server and the SBS not being in the same Domain, might pose certain issues while restoring GRT as Backup Exec Service Account needs to be able access the Exchange data that is being staged.

You need to provide the following permissions to the BESA account on the Exchange Server. I believe this can be done if the Domains have a trust relationship.

As for Licencing, you also would require a Application and Database Licence to be able to backup Exchange. It must have been activated in trial as you can see the Exchange GRT.