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Restoring files from a specific tape.

Created: 11 Sep 2012 • Updated: 04 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Netbackup Enterprise running on Solaris 10

If I want to restore some files but I only have one of a lot of tapes in the Library, the rest is Vaulted to offsite storage.
Now I would like to restore the files only from the tape that is in the library, sort of for the time being.
In restore I see all of the files, I could sort of narrow it down using dates, but I would like to click on a directory
and say that I would like to restore all files in this directory that you find on Tape X.
I don't care about the files on other tapes becuase that involves getting tapes from offline storage.

Is this possible?

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Yes, you make the image the primary copy.

If you search for the images in the catalog section of the GUI, select secondary copy, can right click and set as primary copy.  Job done ..

This TN shows how ...


Regards,  Martin
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I would like to restore all files in this directory that you find on Tape X.

There is no such functionality in NBU.

If tapes have been duplicated, you can use the method described in Martin's post.

NBU store catatog info for each client backup based on date. Only once file selection has been made does NBU check for media id.
You can make a selection and the use the 'Preview Media" button to see Media Id(s).
NBU does not differentiate between media in and out of robot when restore selection is made.

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I ended up in selecting the specific backup date for that tape in the backup history in the restore page.

That worked really good.
I was lucky that all other tapes had expired on that date.