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Restoring Images from Net backup 7.0

Created: 14 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


I am Currently Restoring Images (medical) that are stored on Tape. I am finding that the speed of the restores Varies. Some Nights it will restore 2000 studies (2GB) other Nights will restore 10000 (10GB)

The Process of Restoring is Via a script the Queries the Database and then Selects the Study / Image for Restore.

I am Looking for a Process / solution to restore the Entire Tape in one Task if possible

I apologize I am not an Expert in the slightest in Net backup but Appreciate any Help


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There is no command to restore an entire tape.

NBU images are cataloged by client and then by image date stamp.

You can use bprestore to restore all images for a client for a certain period, e.g.

bprestore -C <client> -s <mm/dd/yyyy> -e <mm/dd/yyyy>

Lots more options available - see


Hope this helps.

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You could use bpimmedia command to list the images on a particular tape, and then restore that exact list of images. 

So effectively, by restoring all the images on the tape you are restoring the tape, if that makes sense.

Regards,  Martin
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