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Restoring incremental backups

Created: 14 Aug 2013 • Updated: 28 Aug 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

estore the full backup then the incremental backups up till the time that you want.

Do You have to do that MANUALLY?! Can't BE 2010 restore all needed backups (full/ incrementals) regarding the file/ folder You want automatically up to that date one by one?

I have the same problem here. Since we can't do full backups (to much data every day added ~ 200GB) and very few changes of that data after time, we did a full backup "once" and since then only incrementals.

So I have the problem that I don't want to browse the snapshots by hand for data relevant for restoring a specific directory...

Anyone an idea to tell that BE 2010?

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pkh's picture

Unfortunately, this is the way it works in BE 2010.  When you restore incremental backups, you have to manually restore the last full backup and then ALL the incremental backups since that full backup.  This is why it is good practice to do fairly frequent full backups to establish new baselines and reduce the number of incremental backups that need to be restored.

However, for BE 2012, if you select an incremental backup to restore, BE 2012 will be able to restore the full backup and all the incremental backups up to the chosen incremental backup automatically.  See this blog

dl2rcf's picture

Dear BE 2010 users,

Together with Symantec's phone support we found a solution (which I tested positive yet!) that actually can do automatic restore of incremental backups:

Though, even Sym tech support recommends a full backup at least every month for BE2010...but we can't. I will check if once a year is OK...(we have very static data append behaviour, but B.I.G.)

I read Your link to BE 2012's new "PIT" (POINT in time) function. Unfortunately we cannot install BE 2012. Do You know how the "error-prone-ness" does show in BE 2010's restorage over multiple incremental backups when using "my method" of the link above? Is it an order/sequence issue of the restore if files changed from time to time?

Am I right, that our department is not at risk as described in Your link, when we never change data but only append new files to the directories (only admin can delete/ change, but all users can add files), so the sequence of restore of incrementals is not relevant?