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Restoring Issues from Crasher 2008SBS server to New 2011SBS server

Created: 26 Mar 2014 | 6 comments

Ok, here is what I have.

Had an SBS2008 Server, It had a major meltdown, 4 disk raid 5 array and 2 drives failed about 5 hours apart.  When the first drive failed I pulled the drive and put in a new drive, it was in the process of re striping and boom.  Anyway, at this point its toast.   The old server was a Small Business Server 2008 running Symantec 12.5 Backup Exec.

Have a new server and just want to retrieve a few folders from the data drive of the old server.   new server is Small Business Server 2011 running the same Symantec 12.5 Backup Exec software.

The backup device is a 500GB RDX Unit.    The new server sees the drive fine, I can go into explorer and see all the BKF files so I know there is data on the 3 RDX drives I have.

Problem is BE will not restore anything.  I have tried cataloging the RDX units, I have done the inventory of the units.    Can somebody way smarter than I give me a direction on how to go about getting data back at this point on these RDX drives?   I have spent 2 days following white papers, using google etc so its not like I havent tried.

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Unfortunately Backup Exec 12.5 isnt supported on Small Business Server 2011  see the 12.5 SCL  

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Ok, I have setup a temp SBS2008 Server to try and retrieve this data.  I still can not get a restore.  I have cataloged the device, Did an inventory etc..     I can see the files on the restore console but as soon as I get one error to restore taken care of I get another.. I have been fighting with this for 2 weeks trying to get data and have found that I am really starting to not like this symantec software.

Is there another software that will restore this data without going through a ton of errors?

I am at the point now where the error is telling me

Completed Status: Failed

Final error: 0xe000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to the server. Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly. Final error category: Security Errors,

For Additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65065

I did not set this temprorary server up as a domain controller, just installed the SBS2008 software and ran the updates. its on a workgroup actually.  I have no plans on keeping this up and running once I retrieve this data.  (IF I RETRIEVE)   There is only 2 users on the Server,  Administrator and Sysadmin, both have the same admin privelages and password.

Can SOMEBODY please direct me to a way to get this data off the RDX drive?   I have never had to do a crash data retrieval prior to this but I have to think there is an easier way.

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What type of files are these?

have you tried a redirected restore?

try adding the user as the local admin on SBS2008 server

you mention running updates after installing the SBS2008 server, did you run all of the Backup Exec 12.5 updates?  specifically SP4  see:

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3 folders.   Misc files, Accounting, Docs, PDF, Spreadsheets, etc..

I have not tried a redirected restore.  I will though..

The admin is the local admin on the sbs server.

yes all updates have been ran on SBE12.5.  Even ran some hotfix that I happened to find trying to solve this.  I will do the redirected restore and check back shortly.

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lmosla  you are the man!!   I do beleive its going to work.. Thank you so much!!!!!!