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Restoring one AD objet from SystemSate Backup

Created: 28 Mar 2013 • Updated: 28 Mar 2013 | 9 comments
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i would like to restore an account, accidentaly deleted from my Active Directory, from a System State Backup BE 2012.

It sims to be possible but i'm scared to do more damaged than restauration ...

I have BE 2012 Rev 1798,

my AD is on two DC, one in 2003, one in 2008 R2.

Can anyone HELP me !!!??

Many Thanks.crying

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Not with just a System State need the Active Directory agent to do a GRT-based backup/restore of AD...this would allow you to do a single-item restore in AD.

You'd need to restore the System State to another server, and use MS best practice to pull what you want from the System State...this might be quite risky.


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i use the agent on my server so i guess that the restoration is GRT-Based ...

i can select the object i need, in the restoration windows, istn't a GRT-Based capability ??

Anyway, i'm very scared for just one object to crash my all AD ...

take a look to the screenshots

Doc2.docx 179.98 KB
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If you are concerned then run another system state / AD GRT enabled backup of your DC (preferably the main FSMO holder) before attempting the restore from the older backup.

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...that all looks fine. But if you are nervous about doing this, check the TN out below and read through the Active Directory section of this in the Admin Guide:

Once you familiarise yourself with this, you can proceed with the restore if need-be.


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The restore is a fairly simple process & as suggested as above take a latest backup of your AD if you are concerned about 'breaking' your AD (which should not happen anyways)

Simply select the user & continue the restore wizard (accepting defaults should be fine).

If restoring from tape, just ensure you have sufficient free space for the "staging" & post restore you will have to just enable the account & reset the password.

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Thank's CraigV for your help,

it seem's to be so simple that i can't belive it ...i work in IT since 10 years ;))

F...CK i don't know what to do ..!!!

I wan't to restore that acount to delete a mailbox on my exchange lazy !!!

Anyway i'll came back to give you the end of story, thank's again smiley

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...will Exchange maintenance not take care of the mailbox deletion? Why not create a temporary account and try attach the mailbox to this instead before deleting both?


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I search to force deletion of the mailbox but .... that's not so simple wink

that's my seconde chance !!!

thank you very much !!!

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i success (after 10 times...) to disconnect the mail box and reconnect to another AD account !!!

Thanks !!!