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Restoring a vhd.

Created: 10 Jun 2013 • Updated: 13 Dec 2013 | 4 comments
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I have restored a vhd file that is the OS c:\ drive of a server. WHen starting this vhd file I get several "General Access Denied" errors and ther virtual machine fails to start.

Also I notice that the virtual machine size is considerably smaller than the original vhd file. Also it seems to have changed teh vhd from a fixed size to a dynamic size and I am unable to revert it back.

Has anyone else ran into errors like this when restoring a vhd file and trying to start the virtual machine?

We are using Backup Exec V-Ray 2012 edition

Thank you


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Changing the VHD from a fixed fize to dynamic seems to be a normal behaviour in case you are only restoring a single vhd. For this to work, you would need to have an identical VM setup ready and then import this vhd to the new machine. I am not sure if you are doing exactly this.

Additionally, If you are trying to achieve, cloning by doing this, it is a very lengthy and ineffective way. However, if the idea is to grab a few files from the restored vhd then the easier way would be to just mount the vhd in a test VM and grab what you need.

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Hi Jadeep

Forgive me but I am not quite sure I follow. Might be because I didnt explain it well too though. We lost the entire LUN that the virtual machine resided on so I had to recreate it and then tried to restore the full virtual machine backup which worked but when I go to start it through teh Virtual Machine Manager I get a "General Access Denied Error" like about 8 different ones.

So if I am to understand you correctly I need to basically build a new one start it then import the restored vhd file into this new running virtual machine?

thanks for the help Jadeep.


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Did try to restore the VM from BE without recreating it manually. Select the entire VM and restore it. If you want to restore with a different name, specify it in the VMware redirection tab.

For the access denied erros, reconfirm the permissions from the Vsphere client and make sure that they are as before.

Edit: Could you post a screenshot of the error that you get.

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I did try restoring the entire VM, but get the same error. Not quite sure whech permission is actually missing seeing how I have nothing to compare it too. This was in development and a power outage seemed to have blown away everything. Usually I could just remount the LUN and gain access to the drive no problem, not this time though, it wanted me to format the drive in order to use it, so I basically lost everything excep what is in my backups which are current (thank God) but I just cant seem to start them after restoring. I guess I could build a new one and see what the permissions are for it then go by that.

Seems like a big mess when I figured using hyper-v would be so much easier,,,,ugghhhhh

thanks Jadeep