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Restoring of VMDK

Created: 26 Apr 2014 | 2 comments


I have this VM of a file server that has mounted drives that makes up additional VMDKs for e.g.

FILESVR.vmdk (this is the OS)

FILESVR_1.vmdk (2TB - D:\)

FILESVR_2.vmdk (2TB - E:\)

When i perform a backup of the vmdk + GRT, i have excluded the _1 and _2, due to the size of the disk itself.

1. It takes an hour to complete, and i noticed because of GRT enabled, it updates the catalog and it takes really long (Status; Updating Catalogs)

2. When i try to do a restore of the OS vmdk to other location, the restore job is successful but 0 byte count.

Please note that i have used the Backup for Windows Agent on the other 2 D:\ and E:\ and for the OS, i use Backup for AVVI, VMWare

The VMs are running on a licensed vCenter.

Operating Systems:

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what is the BE version?

Check if you are facing the problem as discussed in this article:


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I'm using BACKUP EXEC 2012. I have read that tech doc, it seems to be the case of it, but i have actually selected all of the VMDKs inside the restore selections.

The only workaround i found is i have to go to exclude/include and include the vmdk, when it is actually selected already. But this is not right.