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Restorre success but no files

Created: 03 Mar 2013 | 6 comments

I have two shares being backed up from a seerver in a single JOB

but when I try to restore the data from two shares both of them show as sucessfull and also show the size of files restored.

But in the path /destionation I did not find the files but for one share only.

What is the reason?? the files are showing in catalogue too the backups were sucessfull.

PLease help me...

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Are the files in the two folders the same and did you preserve the directory tree when you do the restore?

What happens if you restore 1 folder at a time?  Do you get both sets of files?

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I am restoring the files frm 1 share at a time.

when I Restore from share one the data is shwon in destination but not when the files is choosen frm share 2.

No the files frm both share are diffrent, I restored the files frm another share only to see if there is any agent side problems.

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Is Share 2 under DSFR?  If so, you got to backup the shadow copy component of the disk on which Share 2 resides.  Doing a normal backup will not backup files under DSFR.

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Ensure the beginning backup date & ending date in the restore selections window are set appropriately.

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Try the same restore without the NTFS permission and check.

As u said shares and not DFS, it could be the permission issue.