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Restrictions on DLP testing hardware and licensing?

Created: 03 Mar 2013 • Updated: 12 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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I have started installing DLP on our production servers.  It will be a two tier deployment.

So far, it is only the database and Enforce server.  The next steps would be to choose and then import the solution pack, change to a custom certificate, install the first detection server and then deploy endpoint agents.

I also wanted to set up a test lab to experiment with detection servers.

Are there any restrictions on using the same license file again on a lab computer?  

I notice it recommends 500GB to 1TB for Oracle database end Enforce server alone. 

I wanted to see if I could play with a test server with a small hard drive since it would not have much data to manage in the lab. Are disk space system requirements enforced during install?

I was planning to do a test lab of a single box with 16GB of RAM and a 200GB disk drive and set up a single tier install with it all running on one box before I deploy the real detection servers that will be on bigger hardware.

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Hi Netuser,

If u are partner of symantec then u can have NFR/evalaution software to test and research the softwares that u waned to do with some licence agreement and conditions.

If u are just user then u will not get above benefit. As u asked about using existing licence for other DLP  test environment which might be not permitable. but still u can confirm the same from ur symantec sales executive. As for DLP symantec not providing any trial softwares also refer below

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yes, if its test machine you can configure the table space accordingly. However in production the minimum system requirement should meet.

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I just realized the computer only has 100GB, not 200GB disk space.  Should it still work?

Also, what do you mean by configure table space?  I didn't see that option when I was installing the database and Enforce server on the production hardware.

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Hi Netuser, 

Please also think about using the DLP licence for test environment. Please confirm with symantec sales team about this. If u r planing for preparing test environment with minimimum hardware and resources then Virtualisation is best option.

Please find the detail in below thread

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Net User...

As a former Symantec Salesperson and Partner...

You can use the same DLP key for a Test environment. Though you may have an issue when using the Oracle DBT file on a smaller hard drive. The DBT template expects a specific size from the get go, and builds the DB files with a minimum amount of drive space needed. So when Oracle tries to create the DB it may error by saying you do not have enough drive space.

If that happens I have a previous post here.. where you can use the DBT file that I modified for a smaller drive.

Good luck


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