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Retention on Journal

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 10 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi, I'm using EV10Sp1, Exchange 2010, Outlook 2010.  My client is journaling items with the retention category for journaling set to prevent deletion.  They now realise they may have to deal with data spills in the future and want to know if this setting can be changed to allow deletions and reinstated afterwards.  Is this possible?  Is the deletion flag set at time of journaling or can it be retrospectively changed afterwards?  Does it have to reset the flag on all archived items in the journal or does it check when it comes time to delete the item to see what the retention category is allowed to do real time?


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Wayne Humphrey's picture

You can turn deletion on at any time, as long as they not using some sort of centera in compliance mode or WORM device you good ;)

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Excluding legal hold (which stops deletion point-blank for an item) the only information stored about the retention for each item in the vault store database is a reference to the retention category.

When expiry runs, the current values of the retention categories stored in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database are used to determine if an item should be expired or not. This determines if the application tries to expire the data or not. Of course, then EV can be blocked by a WORM device or a device capable of enforcing its own retention, like a Centera.



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