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Retention Policy

Created: 18 Dec 2013 • Updated: 18 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
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Hell Champs,

I have recived a Brand New licnese for BE 2012 sp3 and was configuring some jobs on it when some questions grew up in my mind.

I am configuring B2D.

1)What is the meaning of "Days to keep" option , will it delete the backup set or only catalogue?

2)How can I add deploy license to my agents when Added in media server

3) Can any one help me out with best practices for retention policy.

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1. Check below:

2. You can deploy your remote agents via a push-install from the media server. The licenses are installed on the media server which unlocks the capability to "see" and backup the applications on the remote servers. Nothing to install in terms of licenses on the remote servers at all.

3. Best practice depends on what your business requirements are, along with what you're backing up too. Backing up to disk with a lot of storage space available might mean you can fit more backups onto disk. Using dedupe can assist with this. You can accomplish the same thing using tape. At the end of the day, find out what your company's requirements are (possibly also to comply from an auditing perspective!) and then base your retention times on that. No 2 environments will have the same recommendations and there are no best practices around this.


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Thanks Craig ,

Seems Symantec has changed things with how we configure storage and media pools now.

I have shared drive to backup and NAS storage as detination and was looking to configure a retention policy so that after two backups sets (two full) the older sets get automatically deleted to avoid any space crunch.

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...not a worry. They've changed a lot more between BE 2010 R3 and BE 2012, but R2 is supposed to fix a number of these changes.


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