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Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner - Messaging Gateway

Created: 02 Sep 2011 • Updated: 04 Oct 2011 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

 Hi everyone, I had a problem with Messaging Gateway. When I run the SMTP scanner on this result came up.

OK - 190.12.x.x resolves to
 Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner
 0 seconds - Good on Connection time
 Not an open relay.
1.123 seconds - Good on Transaction time

What can I do from Messaging Gateway to solve this situation?

THX to all.

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Thanks for using our Diagnostics Tool. This warning can mean one of two things!

1) Your SMTP Banner and rDNS record do not match. In a perfect world these would match and/or resolve to the same Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). More Details

2) Your SMTP Banner is Masked. More Details

Again, thanks for using our tools. We are constantly working to make them bigger and better all for free!


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You can customize your banner (a.k.a SMTP Greeting) on the "Protocols -> SMTP -> Settings" page.

This may help remove this warning if its important to you.

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I have change the SMTP Greeting with but we are still having this problem.

The following image is the section were the change was made.

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You haven't shown us the full report, so it is hard to say what the issue is. Please see this screen shot of a random test I ran:

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You have a Cisco firewall with mailguard turned on. This masks your SMTP banner with *********, which does not match