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Reverse shortcut processing?

Created: 28 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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     Is there a way to have EV reconcile existing shortcuts in outlook, and then delete items in the vault archive that DO NOT have stubs?  (Ideally on a user by user basis?)  TIA for any ideas.

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No, though it has been requested quite a lot, however its a bit difficult and opens up to a lot of issues i think, for instance if a user autoarchives their mailbox and the shortcuts go to PSTs, does EV then go through and then delete the items because the shortcut doesn't exist etc?

or if a user has vault cache/virtual vault and doesn't want the shortcuts anymore because its in virtual vault etc

There are just so many scenarios where this could cause a lot of headaches, especially with things like managed folders or mailbox manager that can delete items after X amount of time.

Best bet is to submit an idea to the Ideas forum and see if you can get feedback from product management, and also engage your symantec contacts such as Sales etc

You could also try a third party such as globanet, bluesource, quadrotech or even myself, but honestly the rammifications could be really bad on so many factors

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you might be able to accomplish this with TransVault which is a 3rd party tool. i'd be happy to get you some more info on it if you'd like.

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