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RFID and Altiris

Created: 06 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Does anyone know of any good RFID software that works well with Altiris?  My company is interested in moving to RFID instead of barcodes, but we don't know where to start.  Has anyone out there implemented RFID tracking?  Maybe give me some pros/cons?

We are currently on NS7.0, but plan to move to 7.1 SP2 in the next few months.

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Jason Short's picture

Hi Clay, Barcode Solution provides for an RFID Audit Template.  You can refer to page 44 of the Barcode User Guide ( for more information. 

Here is an excerpt from the guide

The RFID Audit template displays a list of all RFID tags that have been scanned.

Any tags that have been scanned multiple times are only reported once. When

you synchronize, the data is sent to Notification Server. RFID scans allow the

rapid collection of all RFID tags in a particular area. A different beep identifies

unknown tags, but the scan continues unless you select the option Stop on

unknown tag.

The following information is recorded during an RFID scan:

■ RFID tag identifier

■ Location of scan (optional)

■ Time of scan

■ User who performed the scan

■ User profile

■ The last scan that is performed on a tag (in the event of multiple scans)

greg_zielinski's picture

I've been interested in trying to move to RFID from barcodes but there is a scenario that concerns me.  I was wondering how others approached this.

Say I'm in a storage room and want to scan all the monitors in storage.  There isn't a way for me to know I've scanned all the tags.  When you barcode scan, you walk up to the code and you know right then and there if the scan was received.  In RFID, I pretty much have to count everything in the room and make sure I get an equal # of tags.  That may not be too bad.  But how would it be made easier if that room was filled with RFID tags of desktops.  Now I may have 10 monitors, 10 desktops (manually counted) and realized only 19 tags scanned.   And perhaps out of that 19, one of them was unknown so how would I track down which tag was unknown so I can scan in the serial # to create a new asset record.