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Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 04 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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I'm confused. What "Remote Media Agent for Linux Server"(RMALS) does? What will happen if RMALS and RALUS are on same Linux server?

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RALUS is the remote agent for Linux, Unix, etc.  and RMALS is RALUS plus the ability to backup to a device attached to the remote Linux, Unix server.  For example, with RMALS, you can backup the Linux remote server to a tape drive attached directly to the Linux server.

You always have RALUS and RMALS on the same server because they use the same program.

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Thanks pkh.

So on Linux I can do LAN-free backup using BE, right?

And, if the tape libraray attached both to BE server and RMALS, and there is SSO license, how can I know the backup data go through LAN or SAN?

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I am not sure whether you can use SSO with RMALS.

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Thanks. I'll open a new thread for SSO and RMALS question.