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Roles needed to export EV mail archive

Created: 21 Jan 2014 • Updated: 19 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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We have a large number of users who had left the company but their e-mail archives are still present in the EV 9.0 server. Now we would like to clear those up by exporting to PST files and then delete them from the server. We would like to assign an administrator personnel to do the job via EV administration console that is running on a separate machine.

I have set up a Windows Server 2003 machine and installed EV 9.0 administration console and give the administrator personnel the role as PST Administrator. However, when he tried to export an archive, he got an error message saying "Could not connect to the Migrator Server on computer EV9_SERVER1. Check that computer is available. Error: Access is denied".

I tried to assign various roles, such as Messaging Administrator, Exchange Administrator, Power Administrator, and Storage Administrator, even combinations of those, but he still got the same error message.

Can anyone please advise me on this? I was thinking that the PST Administrator role is the only role needed.

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PST Admin wouldn't give you what you are looking for.  If you gave them Power Admin they should not have had any problem.

You do need to be sure to close ALL of the EV Admin Consoles.  Try giving them only Power Admin, close all the EV Admin Consoles and try again.

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Hi Deka,

The Storage Administrator role should be enough to perform a PST export from the archives and to delete the archives as well. If you have a firewall enabled, disable the firewall. If the client and the Enterprise Vault server are in different networks, try with a client on the same Ev network to rule out any connectivity issues.

Once you add the user to the Storage Administrator role, make sure you close the Authorization Manager window to save the settings to the Directory database. Next time you open an Enterprise Vault Admin Console, the settings should be already configured for this user.

I hope this helps.

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I assigned either Power Administrator or Storage Administrator to the user and save the settings upon exiting the Authorization Manager. Both still did not work.

Next, I did a test to export an archive using EV's VSA from this server and that also failed but with different error message. Upon investigation I found out that the drive partition on EV9_SERVER1 that holds the EV cache folder was almost full. After I cleared up some disk space the export was successful except that it exported the archive on the EV9_SERVER1 itself instead on this dedicated server that I've just set up.

After that, I tested again the user with Power Administrator or Storage Administrator roles, they were still unable to do the export and got the same 'access is denied' error message.

Any idea, please?

Edit: both servers are in the same subnet and Windows firewall is inactive

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The export will always be on the EV server itself.  One thing to try, can you allow the user to remote into the EV server as his account you assigned to the role?  This will allow you to see if the account can actually run the export from the EV Server.