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Roles, privileges and security role manager console

Created: 05 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

Ok i have searched up here and read various threads... tried playing around with A LOT OF THIS and cant get it working..

so quick tidbit..
We have a support group so they are all contractors at various locations. In NS 6 they only use the shortcuts tab and resources tab.
On Shortcuts it points back to a mess of reports that they use. Not sure what they use on the resources tab as this was setup prior to me being here.
I was asked to replicate what we have in NS 6 into NS 7.1 and im finding that difficult.

first thing is that in 6 you could create a new role and under membership add a AD group. Cant do this anymore? from reading the ITMS Implementation Guide it said to import the AD groups. So I did.

This brought in 4 groups and created 4 roles off of those groups. It imported in the users and made them active and assigned them to each role. Ok I get that....

now the users get Access denied. If I add Symantec Administrators to the Member of they gain access and way too many rights, theoretically, as nothing still works for them.

What am I missing? under privileges I have them ALL and under security role manager i have them just about everything..

they cant even get the menu to pop up. I know it is something minimal i am missing.

Appreciate it..

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TeleFragger's picture

go figure.. 5 minutes after posting (story of my life.. hah)..

Benjamin Palmer.. downloaded one of his docs and viola... i had to click console menu and give rights to the menu first!

now that is fine.. im still stuck with a different ordeal.. rights? not sure.. i added symantec administrators and it still happens..

lets say i have them click a filter.. lower left says

invalid xml: XML document must have a top level element. ,0)

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im just going to be quiet now... hah..

so a IE setting..

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