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Route message create by Web Email Protection

Created: 27 Mar 2014 • Updated: 28 Mar 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi Guys,

<br>">It is possible to route messages created by SWEP through another SMTP server (Messaging Gateway, Iron Port, Exchange, etc..) or is it absolutely necessary SWEP who send the message ..??


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First of all, what the heck is SWEP? You mean Web Messenger? 

You cannot differentiate what proxy is used depending if its a normal encrypted email or a Web Messenger email - it will use the same.  You could of course have an ironport infront of the Universal Server which then can separate the  email based on various criteria.  I am sure you will be able to then separate out normal email and Web Messenger email.  

Why would you want to do this?  What's the business case?

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Hi Alex,

SWEP is Symantec Web Email Protection or Web Messenger (Symantec Change the names and cause confusion, becomes a puzzle)

The fact is that the client wants all messages (encrypted or unencrypted) are sent only by the "message filter" server. He does not want to enable more traffic SMTP in the firewall's perimeter.

The flow would be:

Message not encrypted:

Mail Server -> Message Filter Server -> Perimeter Firewall -> Internet.

Message encrypted with Web Messenger

Mail Server -> Message Filter Server -> Universal Servver -> Message Filer Server (again) -> Perimeter Firewall -> Internet.

In a test environment, I tried to configure the Universal Server in Mail -> Proxies -> SMTP with:

SMTP Proxy: Otbound

and select Proxy mail to SMTP server:

In Host I type the IP of the Symantec Messaging Gateway's port (to emulate the environment).

While reviewing the message tracking in SMG do not see that pass messages Web Messenger, However, the mail arrives encryption. I checked the headers and noticed that the Universal Server remains who sent it.

For testing I have enabled SMTP traffic for Universal server in the firewall.

Any idea, thank you.

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What have you configured as your upstream proxy in mail proxy?  It should be your message filter server.  same with downstream also.  

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Hi rojopipe,

If you mean the messages "encrypted with Web Email Protection", which are available in the portal, you will not be able to route them because they never leave the server.

For the notifications of "new encrypted message" you need to properly configure the Mail Route. See: Managing Mail Routes on Symantec Encryption Management Server (formerly PGP Universal Server) - TECH149370


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Hi Dcats,

Exactly, I am referring to the notifications (I misspoke)

That was what I needed

thank you very much.