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Rule Blocked? BE2012 - Incremental kept getting rule blocked.

Created: 06 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

This just recently happened.  I know there's a hidden rule that states "This backup will not run until the first full backup is completed.".   Here's what's being set up. 

Full backup with the same selection list schedule Every 1 week on (Friday) at 11:00PM

Incremental Backup Every 1 week on (M,T,W,TH) at 11:00PM. 

Full backup ran succesfully now errors..but the Incremental kept stating Rule Block?

Can someone shed a light on this?

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In the incremental schedule, what date is set for "Starting on: " ? Ideally, this should be post the full backup.

Else, try setting up the backup definition again..

andy817's picture

The incremental is starting on 10/31/2012 and is part of the Full backup set.  Both are setting on the same time.  I tried resetting the definition already...strange.

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In the yesterday troubleshoot the problem as follows.

This error in the job status is due to the fact that the role of Circular Logging is enabled in MS Exchange.

  • You must disable this option, by following the steps shown Do not forget disassemble and reassemble the databases of Mailboxs and also of Public Folders. Restart the service of MS Exchange Information Store.
  • Restart the services of BE.
  • Perform Full Backup again.
  • Then we can perform incremental backup.