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Created: 02 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

Is there a way to exclude groups and/or individuals from notifications when assigning/taking ownership of tickets?

The idea is a team may have a ticket and want to pass it to an individual but leave it in the group queue.

Or where the person assigning the ticket is already a member of the destination group and therefore does not need to know they have just assigned a ticket to thier own group or themselves. 

The option of notifying or not notifying the 'Affected User' partially covers this but this is more about the support person performing the action and any existing groups/individuals being excluded. 

This is important to us as many staff will not have SD open so will not see the ticket assigned popup so need another way of being notified.  There are also a number of other scenarios where a specific group may not want to be included.

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I can't think of a way to do this except for creating a workflow that can handle these sorts of exceptions and sending to incident to this workflow when it's assigned.

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We are actually handling all of our email/pager notifications via a custom workflow. Gives you the flexibility to include more data (e.g. affected user info, etc) in your notifications, but also build in any logic you might want. It's possible you could figure out a way to translate the logic for what you are looking to do into a bunch of condition groups in one of your ruelset actions, but i think that would get pretty dicey, and tough to maintain/troubleshoot.