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Run IE 11 with both Java 6 and Java 7 appl

Created: 20 Jun 2014 | 3 comments
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Hi All

I would like to run a Java 6 application on my Windows 7 clients that is installed with Java 7. I have created a Java 6 virtuel layer with the LDF.

I can start IE11 in the virtuel layer and it's running java 6. I can start IE11 outside the virtuel layer and it's running java 7.

My issue is that if I first start IE11 outside the virtuel layer and then start IE11 inside the virtuel layer then i'm running Java 7 in both IE11 sessions. I get the same problem if I first start IE11 inside the layer and then outside - then both is running Java 6. Is there a way to solve this!!!!

Kind Regards


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Are you running IE11 from the base or have you put that in a layer also?

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The problem is that IE 11 starts a new child process for each new window or tab. If you start IE 11 inside the layer, then when you start a new instance or tab IE 11 will execute a new process from the first process inheriting the layer properties.

If you execute IE 11 outside the layer you will have the same situation but outside the layer.

To successfully run Java 6 and Java 7 (or any from the base) on IE 11 you will need a full layer with Java 6 and you may need some more adjustments to avoid a new instance of IE 11 to detect that a virtualized instance is running. This last part may not be necessary but it could.

We at Nektra have done different IEx layers and this problem is common from IE8.

Best Regards,

Pablo Yabo


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Hi EdT

I run IE11 from the Base.