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Run SBE 2010 Vm inside the whitebox is this a good idea..

Created: 18 Apr 2010 • Updated: 24 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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I’m still in the stage of planning to upgrade our SBE 12.5 to SBE 2010.

Some of the discussion inside the forum are very useful like what are the best practice on SBE, issues after they upgrade to SBE1020 and fix, backing up Vm’s issues, etc.. But what I wanted to know is it really a good idea to virtualize SBE2010? Or to run SBE2010 inside a esx host.

Currently my SBE 9.5 64bit is pretty much stable for more than 10 months. I was thinking if I can convert my physical server to a white box,   I don’t have a ISCSI storage but I can make use of openfiler or freenas to host my 12Tb DAS and tape autoloader. We have two separate network/Switch for office LAN and Backup LAN.

The reason a want to do this is that my backup server is not really fully utilize and I have another ESX whitebox  and vcenter with few vm’s running , I want to take advantage some of the good features of ESX4/ESXi like Vmotion, VDS, HA etc. then I can have a redundancy  not only for the SBE but for my other vm’s as well. But this is only a plan. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

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Hi there,

I can see this working ONLY with a SAN where you can present a fibre-attached tape library to your VM across 2 redundant paths. It won't work with SCSI, as this would mean a manual changing of the SCSI cable every time your backup VM VMotions.
THat said, I would stick with running Backup Exec on a stand-alone server. If you have free SCSI ports on either the server, or via an add-on card/s, you can then connect the DAS and tape drive (preferably separate SCSI cards!) to that server and run your backups from there.
Your backups can then run across your backup VLAN, and you would add those IPs in under a user-defined selection. You can also look into using Backup Exec SBE's VM backups. From my side, not really worth it as the fastest speeds I can get are the same as I would get to tape (LTO2 MSL6060 = 1200MB/m vs. EMC CLARiiON AX4 --> HP EVA 6100 = 1050MB/m). However, that gives you a complete VM restore solution should you decide to license that option.
I wrote an article on my experiences upgrading from Backup Exec 12.5 --> 2010...give them a read and it will help show some points to consider. Laters!


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Hi Panyor,

Any news?

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