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Running Altiris Patch Installation from command line or remotely

Created: 24 Apr 2012 | 1 comment

I've inherited support of an Altiris 6.1 patch distirbution solution.  Where can I get documentation/training on the features?  I'm specifically interested in executing from a command line and/or batch file on the client machines to:

  1. Check for OS patches that are ready to install but have not been installed yet
  2. Install the OS patches
  3. ALWAYS restart the computer when the OS patch installations are complete (If I can just figure out when they are completed I can handle the restart command through Windows).
  4. If possible I would really like to be able to run a batch routine on one machine that executes the commands above remotely on another machine.  My understanding is that there are remote execution commands but I have no idea what they are or how they work.

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Use AeXPatchUtil.exe:

This should answer 1-3.

Regarding #4, are you familiar with using policies and tasks in Altiris to run scripts, install software, collect inventory, etc?  I'm not sure from your post if you understand the management side of Altiris.  It seems as though you are thinking it is only a distribution server, sort of like WSUS -- but it's more like WSUS+SCCM+more.

You can create schedules within policies, and those policies are applied to computers.  Computers will then install the patches on a schedule with reboot and notification behavior you specify.  If you have access to the Altiris Console, you can configure these settings for yourself.

This troubleshooting guide actually takes you to most of the areas, and might help you troubleshoot patch in your environment:

And here's the user guide:

Does this help?

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