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Running Backup Exec 2012 and Acronis 11.5 ABR on the same machine

Created: 08 Mar 2013 | 2 comments


I am wondering if anyone has tried this. We are having such issues with BE 2012 and not getting anything from Symantec but double talk, we are considering going back to Acronis (at least it works) until we can figure out the 832 bugs we have with this other system.

As I asked, has anyone tried it, and do you have an opinion. Sorry, Symantec Representative’s opinions don't count.

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CraigV's picture's never recommended to run 2 different backup software on 1 server. I did it with CA ARCserve r11.5 when we were cutting over to BE 11d, but I'd stopped and disabled the ARCserve services after installing and configuring BE. Once I had a couple of weeks backups, I uninstalled.

If you have another server to test on, install BE 2012 on there and fix what needs to be fixed in a test environment. Otherwise run the risk of some issues possibly cropping up with the 2 vendor software packages installed.


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Hi akersrus

we  at our school use at the moment the same constellation, BE-2012 and acronis-11.5

But we are removing acronis from all our servers, because we had quit often the case, that a crashed acronis-image-job hinders you to shutdown, resp. reboot the server. I have quit a few times the windows shutdown screen telling me, windows shutdown ist waiting a service to stop. The culprit is most of the time an acronis image job which has crashed. In this situation, the only way to have this system shutdown or reboot is, to connect with  a tool from another system to this hanging server, and kill the acronis mms service.

I understand your skepsis against BE-2012. I'm in the same situation. I don't like BE-2012 the way it works now. It's really ways back from the functionality as it was in the former releases. But we have to stick with this backup-system, since we have a lot of different BE licenses. I hope, Symantec will listen to his users and implement the funcionality from be2010 into BE2012. In the meantime, I don't want to fight with two systems, therefore we remove one of them.

regards Goro