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Running ClientSideClonePrepTool.exe silently with Tamper Protection

Created: 26 Nov 2012

I'm aware of the previous article discussiong this client tool and the manual steps for a work around. However, the manual steps do NOT work if your environment has tamper protection enabled. In addition, the other work around of running smc -p <password> -stop and then manually doing the steps does not work if you have tamper protection enabled.

Oddly, stopping SEP and running the ClientSideClonePrepTool.exe DOES work with tamper protection enabled, but since it will not run without prompting it cannout be used with an automated Build and Capture sequence. Also, since tamper protection cannot be disabled from a command line anymore, there does not appear to be any viable options.

Please either create an updated version of the ClientSideClonePrepTool.exe that does not result in an OK prompt at the end or provide another solution to this issue.

Thank you.