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Running PGP Desktop Encrypt Setup with Bootcamp Windows

Created: 20 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

I was able to successfully encrypt my entire hard drive on my macbook pro.  I am prompted for my passphrase upon booting to OS X and Windows.  I am curious if I should never run the PGP desktop encyption setup on my bootcamp windows side? Do I just click "NO" for not using this software under the current user?  If I dont complete the setup will I be able to use any of the features and establish a key? 

Is there a way to have PGP prompt for my passphrase when I lock the PC or is it only set for durring start up? 


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Have you just encrypted your OSX partition?  It's up to you in terms of encrypting, but I would encrypt the windows partition too, unless its simply there for something else entirely (games for example)

If you set your machine to hibernate, that will prompt the bootguard to come back up - but there is an issue with hibernate + macs, so be warned.

If you have PGP installed inside the windows installation nothing will come up when you unlock your machine (if you use PGP for just WDE) its only on restart.  But hey, thats what your user account password is for yea? :)

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I assume you are talking about the setup wizard where you license PGP inside the Windows environment? I would go ahead and license it, otherwise it runs in a trial mode and it may attempt to decrypt your boot drive after the trial period runs up. you will also not be able to generate PGP keys and access them if you don't license the product on the Windows side.

As far as the password prompts, we don't control that - when you are resuming from sleep mode or locking the PC. The OS you are booted into does. In Windows 7 you can set the machine to request a password upon resume from sleep mode. On Mac OS X there is a similar option. There is also an option in both operating systems I believe to have it automatically lock the PC if it's not in use for a defined period of time.

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Will I be able to use the same license on registering the windows side I used when first registering on the OS X partition?