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Running Pre and Post backups Scripts on AIX 6.1 clients

Created: 04 Jan 2013 • Updated: 04 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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Our Netbackup 7.5 server runs on a Windows 2003 SP2 server, I installed the client on 2 AIX 6.1 servers and the jobs run successfully on a nightly basis. We want to run a script on the AIX clients to kick people off the system and lock the files prior to backup then unlock the files after the job is complete. I do not see anything within the policy that will allow me run scripts, how can I accomplish this task?

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On the client, under /usr/openv/netbackup/bin create the files bpstart_notify and bpend_notify

Add to them what ever you need them to run and they will run at the "start" and "end" of the backup job

Default timeout is 5 minutes (change on Master Servers Host Properties if you need it increasing)


You can also have them only run for certain policies or schedule by naming them bpstart_notify.<policyname>.<schedulename> etc.)

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you just need to add the commands that you want to run before backup start into bpstart_notify scirpt.

and the add the commands that you want to run once the backup compleated into bpend_notify script.

Please go though with the below tech note

below tech note if to customize the notify scripts.

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How does a Windows based NBU server deal with open files on the AIX clients during a backup job? Is there an open file agent that must be installed or will it handle that operation automatically? I need to ensure that open files will be backed up.

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you need to keep these notify scrips on the AIX client, when netbackup starts the backup, netbackup agent in client will trigger these scripts.

as you are providing the AIX commands in the scripts, and the script is running on the AIX client that does not a big deal to compleate the task.

the commands that you need to provide in the script are no way related to netbackup, you need to use your own OS commands to find these.., 

netbackup just trigger the command what ever you are keeping in the scripts.

hope this make some sence

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Unix does not have a problem with open files in the same way that Windows does.

Unix clients can be updated with 'busy file action' entry in bp.conf.

Or use Host Properties in GUI as per TN .

If you are concerned about databases, best to use NBU agents to perform hot, online database backups. Online databases should always be excluded from filesystem backups.

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Marianne can you go further into the 'busy file action' entry? Also i do not see those specific host property settings in my NBU Console. I am running a Windows based NBU server.