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Running SEPM MR3 - what newer versions does LiveUpdate download automatically?

Created: 01 May 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

We are currently running 2 replicated SEPM MR3 (11.0.3001.2224) servers. I notice that LiveUpdate downloaded new MR4 (11.0.4000.0) client packages automatically on Jan 20th 2009, but is has not downloaded MR4 MP1 or MR4 MP1a client packages automatically.

Is this behaviour by design? Will older SEPM servers only download full Maintenance Release versions of newer client install packages, and not Maintenance Patch versions?

I know the process for manually importing a newer MP client install package, just interested if this behaviour is by design.

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Client install releases through LiveUpdate tend to run a significant period of time behind other forms of dissemination.  You are much better off upgrading by updating your SEPM install, then deploying to the clients from SEPM.

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I agree with SKlassen. Upgrading through deployment is a better monitored way.

BTW, Is it good ol' Scott:)?

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The upgrade groups with package fanctionality seems to have stabilized over the past few versions.

I have seen a comple of times, 200+ machines upgraded to the latest version within 20 minutes.


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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager downloads and processes updated installation patches, it creates a microdef, which automatically appears as a new package.

The new package appears in the SEPM --> Admin --> Install Package --> Client Install Packages pane.

You use the Upgrade Groups with Package feature and then select the package to push that downloaded patch to the client.


Mudit Kumar

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After you see 11.0.4000 client install package in sepm you can always select the option for upgraded groups with packages so that the client get updated automatically without you having to push packages using migration and deployment wizard.

In order to do so ,
you need to Login to sepm go to SEPM --> Admin --> Install Package and then client on upgraded groups with packages and from the drop down you can select the latest package available and select the group and click finish , depending on your network bandwidth all the clients should get automatically upgraded.

Sahib Sethi.

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Hi Orge,

I think people dint get your issue.

If I am getting you right you are asking why dint the SEPM downloaded the Mr4 MP2 packages automatically from liveupdate server.

The answer to this is yes this is by design. Because to be on MR4 MP2 you first need to be on MR4 only then you can upgarde sucessfully to MR4 MP2. 

& this package update comes from the symantec liveupdate server & Symantec has not kept MR4 MP2 packages in the liveupdates because symantec does not know if all the users all over the globe are using version MR4 or not.

I think this answers your question.
Please mark this as solution if it does.:)