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Safari / Firefox and EV 9 - URGENT

Created: 02 Jun 2011 • Updated: 08 May 2013 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


We have EV 9.0.1 and we have several users with MACs and Ipads. They all use Safari.

I can see that in MACs we can see the shortcuts (icons do not appear and AE bar also does not appear).

What is most critical is that when we double click on an archived item, it does not retrieve it from EV, it only shows the preview archived message!!

In IE it works fine, which is double-click on a shortcut message, then it retrieves the original message.

Is this a known issue? We need urgent help because we are getting many camplains from non Windows users!

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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You can find the Compatibility charts here:

The page for Browsers on the Mac is Page 43
Safari 3.2.x and above is supported from EV8 SP2+
Safari 4.x is supported supported from EV8 SP2+
Firefox is Planned for support, but not currently supported

But if you look at page 43 it says:

The Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions are not supported for OWA client access from Safari or Firefox.

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Like I said, the OWA extensions should not appear as per that compatibility chart, but we should open an archived message!!

If you double-click on the shortcut, you will get the preview of message (banners+comments+link) not the original. It also happens if you reply or forward that message.

This problem only happens on Safari or Firefox browsers either MAC or Windows. On IE all works fine.

Can you test it? Have you seen something similar?


Kind regards,


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i can download and install firefox and test it, but honestly, i'd expect the exact same behavior as you,

"The Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions are not supported for OWA client access from Safari or Firefox."

What i take that to mean is that no OWA functionality from an EV Perspective will be present, without the extensions loading, then there would be no interactivity for opening email as there are still elements that still need to execute in order for the item to be retrieved.

Similar to if you were to open the items in Mac iMail or what not, i'd not expect that to work either

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But as you can see, it says that EV is supported under Firefox and Safari, except for the extensions. So my question is what is supported because the main reason for having archive under OWA is to see archived messages and that I cannot do.



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JW2 is correct, this has come up on the forum a time or two in the past.  Safari is supported to for EV WebApp Archive search but there is now OWA access to archived items via Safari.

If you want an "Official" Symantec answer I recommend you open a case with support.



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If you use OWA on Firefox or Safari it simply will not work, it states it as clear as day, and what you are seeing is 100% expected behavior

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Safari will let you run it as IE but you need to change some settings.

I have not tried this with EV but it works with other IE pages. Please let me know how it goes.


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If this doesn't work, have a try with the Opera. I haven't been able to test it, but Opera is (as far as I know) able to simulate IE functionality, and is often a good alternative for Mac users that need to access pages designed for IE :) (

EDIT: Opera is not mentioned in the SCL, so this would be experimental


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JW2 and Tony are correct.

We support non-IE browser per the Compatibility Charts for search.  Not OWA functionality.


The Enterprise Vault OWA Extensions are not supported for OWA client access from Safari or Firefox.


Also take a look at the core dependencies on page 19

And the section on Enterprise Vault Web Applications on page 70.

Going back to the original problem description however, and forgive me if it has been covered....  re iPad.. no current support... re Mac... have you installed the EV Mac Client ?