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Safety copies not being deleted on full backup

Created: 11 Dec 2012 • Updated: 24 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We recently upgraded from EV9 to EV10, and I just started noticing that our safety copies are not being deleted on full backup. I have only had 2 or 3 full backups since the upgrade so I am not sure if its been broken since the upgrade, or broke after. I attempted a manual full backup yesterday to see if there was an issue with the backup and it appeared to complete without issue, however I noticed this morning that EV admin console was reporting 'vault store in backup mode' so there may be an issue with the process automatically clearing backup mode.

Im not sure where to start troubleshooting with this, I dont have any errors jumping out at me in the event log, and im not sure which EV logs to look through.

I checked C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Reports\Exchange Mailbox Archiving  and I do not have any logs more current than 12/5/12.

The only thing I can think of that may be affecting this is I have started the process of converting indexes from 32bit to 64bit, but I have only done less than 5% of the mailboxes.

I backup the EV server using NetBackup 7.5.3 using the 'enterprise-vault' policy.

I am running EV version

I appreciate any input or thoughts you guys have!

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You might want to check this article:

Hotfix for Symantec Enterprise Vault (EV) for Microsoft Exchange 10.0.1, Build 1171, Unable to post process the watchfile items due to abnormally large backlog in Watchfile
padding: 1px;padding-bottom: 3px ;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666; background-color:#f2f2f2">Article:TECH191119 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666;background-color:#f2f2f2;"> |  padding: 0px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666;background-color:#f2f2f2;">Created: 2012-06-15 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666;background-color:#f2f2f2"> |  padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666;background-color:#f2f2f2">Updated: 2012-06-18 padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666;background-color:#f2f2f2"> |  padding: 1px;font: 12px Arial; text-align: left;color: #666666;background-color:#f2f2f2">Article URL
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Hey Tony,

Thanks for the reply, I checked through my EV logs and I found a similar error but it doesnt match directly. It is event 13360 (instead of 13344)

I found:

An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' (Internal reference: {CADODataAccess::ExecuteSQLCommand} [.\ADODataAccess.cpp, lines {1407,1409,1424,1456}, built Mar 16 21:02:46 2012]):


Invalid column name 'DefaultIndexingLevel'.

I am doing some research on it and did not turn much up yet, but I will continue to look tomorrow. I will see if this could be the cause of my issues, I only saw those events 3 times, all on 12/10/12

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