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Same CCS Standard, same data collection, different results

Created: 18 Jan 2013 | 11 comments

Does anyone experience different results runnning the same CCS standard based from same data collection and having completely diffrent results?

Looks like some time evaluation process cannot get the data from data colection.....

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Yes, I have experienced a similar behavior of CCS before.

To determine what is causing this, try running a data collection job.

- Shortlist one or 2 checks which are giving you different results and run data collection jobs only for these checks

- Second – Are all the servers giving different results all the time or is this specific only to some servers? Is this DB related?

- Third - Do the target servers have multipe IPs?

Run nslookup on these servers multiple times. It should resolve to the same IP everytime.

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THanks for replying. I have a couple servers with this behavior. The data collection is retrieving the correct information but the 2 evaluations using the same standard are different. Run number 1 result is unknown abd 15 minutes later another evaluation run  result is pass. Servers are not being used by anybody just for this test. The evaluation process fails in some runs.  Servers have only 1 IP.

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How does the name resolution for this server look? Does nslookup give you valid results?

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Yes, same results. The issue is not the data collection but the evaluation. It missed data from the data collection.

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I've seen this in CCS 11 when you run data collection from a CCS mgr on Win2k3.

In both cases, it was fixed by moving the manager to Win2k8.

Telltale signs are "RMSFactory" or similar errors in the job.

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Also, since only the eval results are inconsistent, the issue may be related to CCS SQL database.

The messages in the "Failures" tab of the Job Status in CCS will be good indicators of what might have caused this.

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Just one error message that occurs in both cases regarding field not found that according to Sysmantec Enginner is not the issue. Sometime the eval brings the expected results sometimes not. No messages. Our DB are in the same server as the manager and we are in the beginning of the deployment. By the way, we use Windows 2008 R2....

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aervillar: fresh ccs 11 install or upgrade from ccs 10.x?

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fresh CCS 11. According to Symantec Engineers looks like the issue is related to DB performance. We are upgrading the DB and will update next week if it worked..

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Greetings all,

I have seen this type of behavior when there are multiple MQEs.  Since the queries are divied up in a round-robin fashion, there must be a difference between/among the MQEs that is affecting the results. One example is that one of the servers has IIS running, where the other does not.  The one that does not have it running is the one that is returning incomplete information.

I hope this helps...


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Looks like the issue was fixed upgrading all CCS machines to latest version.