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Same installation problem

Created: 14 Apr 2014 • Updated: 15 Apr 2014 | 5 comments
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I am facing exactly same problem (not able to communicate with master server, backups may not properly function) as zing said.

My client at DMZ zone (behind the firewall).

I follow your previous procedure.

1. Windows firewall is off.

2.Master & client can ping each other

2.Permit port 13724, 1556, and telnet at firewall at both direction

After that, Same problem exist.

But when I change the Firewall by permit any any (open for all port) then I can install the client without any error.

Now I need to know what are the ports are exactly needed to permit at firewall to  communicate client and master server?

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Please check on which port the Master and client communicate each other at that time if you can capture and trace packets.

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You forgot to mention NBU version on master and client?

The installation process may be trying other ports during installation process. I am not aware of which port(s) the installation process is attempting to use.

My view is that these errors can be ignored. As long as 13724 and 1556 are open in both directions between client and media server(s), backups will work.
If databases or ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES in Backup Selection, these ports are needed between master and client as well.

See NetBackup 6.x and 7.x firewall port requirements

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NBU version 7.0.1 at both master and client which are win server 2008.

I was not check which port is used by clint at  installation process.

As your suggestion I will continue the installation by ignoring error (continue anyway). Then I'll try to take backup.

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We can assume that NBU 7.0 is installed first and then followed by 7.0.1 patch?

As you can see in TECH136090, up to NBU 7.0 only port 13724 is used for server <-> client comms, and 1556 as from 7.0.1.

The above ports are used for backup and restore.
Installation is not covered in this TN.
My gut-feel is that bpcd (13782) and/or bprd (13720) ports may be attempted during installation.
So, this why I feel that the installation message can be ignored.

Please ensure that forward and reverse name lookup is working in all directions between master and/or media server(s) and new client.

Let us know how it goes.

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Many Thanks Marriane,

The solution is exactly as you said.

13724 and 1556 only need for Backup & Restore.

13782 and 13720 need for installation.

Thanks to All.