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San Backup

Created: 18 Jan 2014 • Updated: 21 Jan 2014 | 8 comments
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I have 5 Oracle database servers and 2 windows servers (AD and DHCP) with 1 Red hat server with (Oracle dB)which is directly connected to SAN switch. I want to take SAN based backup for all the 5 oracle servers and lan style backup for 2 windows server.

Can anyone please confirm what are the licenses required?

I am sure we need atleat 5xApplication database license (Oracle) 1xApplication database (AD) 1xagent for Windows (DHCP) 1xApplication and db (Redhat Oracle.

Do i need Enterprise server option for SAN style backup? Also how many server's should i purchase?


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Your license count is correct.

Your SAN will not come into play during the backup. The data will always flow from the remote server through the LAN to the media server. Hence you would not need to have any ESO license

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Thank you for your reply.

As i need the SAN backup for 5 oracle servers does thant mean i need to purchase 5x Server license with ESO ?

Also does i need Remote Media Agent for Linux as the tape drive is connected to it?


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You will need a RMAL license if you want to backup a Linux server to a tape drive directly connected to it. For the other Linux servers you can backup to this tape drive if they are running RALUS.

You should explain what you have in mind when you talk about LAN backup, then I can let you know whether it is possible

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Hi pkh,

I have 5 Oracle servers to which HP StoreEasy 1430 is connected and inturn this is connecting to Tape Library and i am looking for SAN backup for these 5 servers. I know i will need 5-application db license. But do i also need 5 BE server licenses? Also 1x ESO to perform ADBO?


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You will need 5xRMAL licenses for your Oracle servers to use the tape drive. You only need one core BE license for the media server. You cannot use ADBO for Oracle backups or Linux servers

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I think there is some cunfusion with Oracle db. All the 5 Oracle db's is running on windows server 2008 which needs to be backup our SAN. There is only one oracle db which is running on Red Hat which is connected to tape drive.There are also 2 windows server which include 1xActive Directory and 1xFiles server which needs to be backup over LAN.

As you confirmed i need 1xRMAL with 6xApplication and db license with 1 core server license.

Does i need 5 additional server license to take 5 oracle servers backup our SAN with ESO?

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You need

1x core BE license

6x agent for application and databases licenses, 5 for Oracle and 1 for AD

1xAWS license for your file server

When you backup your Oracle server, the data will flow from the Oracle server to the media server then to the media. Only the LAN is involved, you cannot backup over the SAN and you don't need ESO license. This is when you use a single media server

You said that the Oracle servers are connected to a the library using the SAN. If you want to backup the Oracle servers directly to this tape drive, then you need to buy the core BE license for each of them and the ESO license which gives you CASO and SSO to share the tape library.