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SAN based backup

Created: 26 Jan 2012 | 3 comments
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I will be having physical Servers with either VMware or Hyper-V 2008 R2 (or Oracle VM if features are good)... On top of it I will be running VMs with Windows 2008 and RHEL 5.3 (Specific versions) OS... Host servers will be connected to SAN via Two HBAs (redundancy not considered at this moment). The Virtual Machines will be kept on SAN storage disks via 1st LUN (in form for Virtual harddisks). Using second HBA, I will pass the SAN disk directly to the Virtual Machnes for keeping the Oracle Databases.

With this setup I need to take the backup on SAN. I will use the netbackup Enterprise clients agents (with database cliens as well ) for taking the backup over the SAN through the virtual machines (For Oracle database etc).

Is this the supported configuration or will there be any issues.for SAN based backup (as this is virtual environment and Virtual connectors are not available for physical HBAs on virtual machines (as far as Hyper-V is concern)).

Need suggestions on the SAN based backup for above configuration....


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Using the SAN client feature to backup a VM with a client inside of it is not supported.  SAN Client only supports Qlogic HBA, and the HBA presented in a VM is not a QLogic even if the Host adapter is a QLogic.  A Virtual HBA is always presented in a different format.

Sorry if I misinterpretted the post.  If the Oracle Client was a physical machine with a Qlogic HBA, then it would be supported.

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U think will be fine because the client side can use any type of hba, the ft media servers demand a qlogic hba, but u will share the same pipe for your dbs and backups and can cause some issues becaus at the time u pull the data u will read through this hbas but also write through if u want this solution better add another hba for dedicated backups.

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Hi VirtualED,

Do you mean to say, we can not take SAN based backup (for files on C-drive etc) in virtual environment using backup agents inside? For a single file restore, it does not make sense to resore the whole virtual server OS image.

What is a Industry practice for file level backups inside virtual servers.