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SAN based backup on Disk

Created: 15 May 2012 | 8 comments
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We have Exchange DAG comprising 5 MBX and aprpox 5 TB of DB size (Active only)

We need to perform SAN based backup on Disk. For Tape we have issues as Exchange and Tape library are on different SAN switch and there is no communication between them hence we need to go for Disk.

I tried using Basic Disk config. But it didn't worked Need to know if Advanced Disk option can play role here. if not what other options are available

note: All MBX Server are with SAN Media Server deployed.

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Can you tell us what happned when you use Basic Disk, and what was wrong with Basic Disk.

Regarding Exchange backup there are no difference between Basic Disk and AdvancedDisk. If backup failed, AdvancedDisk may not help. You should troubleshoot the error first.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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Backup didn't actually failed with any status . It was successful but via LAN only. Not from SAN

Is it possible to backup over SAN on Disk

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Does each SAN media server have its own dedicated disk volumes? Or are you configureing shared disk volume(s) as destination?

With dedicated disk volumes, you have to configure storage units for each media server and each disk volumes.

If you are to configure shared disk as destination, you have to purchase Enterprise Disk license and configure AdvancedDisk storage unit. But I'm not sure if SAN media server supports shared disk configuration.
If you have valid license for AdvancedDisk, and can spend time for try & error, try as follows;

  1. Mount shared volume with same drive letter on each hosts
  2. Configure disk pool including all the media servers that share the destination volume(s)
  3. Create disk storage unit for each SAN media servers. Be sure to check "On Demand Only" and select single media server for each.
  4. Configure backup policies. Each policy must have only one client, and storage unit must be one the client own. 

For detail about AdvancedDisk, please check AdvancedDisk Storage Solutions Guide.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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If you have SAN media servers already, you have Enterprise Client License enabled. I would suggest to take a look on the SAN client feature that you can use to transfer data to media server via SAN, where backups from all members of the DAG can be stored on the same Advanced Disk volume. The limitation, though, is an extra HBA that should be quite specific version of Qlogic and Linux or Solaris operating system on the Media Server.

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Does FT works with DAG (clustered application). We needed to backup active copies which are   random amongst  dag members.

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There is no restriction on that

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you mentioned that all Exchange servers have SAN Media server deployed, is this correct?

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DAG members are having Media Server deployed.