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Created: 03 Dec 2013 • Updated: 20 Jan 2014 | 1 comment
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Can somebody explain what would be required with following setup...

I have a  Sun Solaris master/media server which connects to a fibre library with 2 x lto fibre drives. Instead of pushing the backups over the network I would like to make the two san attached m4000 servers (which are netbackup clients at present) into SAN media servers and backup over fibre.

Firstly, I assume I will need the following licenses:

·         2 x San Enterprise Media Server or is this just an Enterprise Client ?

·         SSO  (As I will also be running network backups to the master/media server)

I then would like to know if you need a dedicated fibre port on the sun servers to write directly to the tape library, as I was concerned it needed a specific qlogic driver which might affect mounted luns? (At present we use the native solaris driver on the pci fibre channel card)

Also, I assume that you do need to configure the SAN Media client if it is already a SAN media server.



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1. Enterprise Server if you want this media server to backup other network clients as well. Enterprise Client to only backup itself.

2. SSO is needed when the same drives are shared among media servers - Enterprise Server as well as Enterprise Client. This license is purchased per shared drive and the same license is added to all servers sharing the drives.

Don't forget to add Library based tape drive license (licensed per robotic drive) to all media servers.

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