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san media server

Created: 19 Apr 2014 • Updated: 22 Apr 2014 | 11 comments
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Hi All,

Long time backup into NBU.

I have 30 media servers in my environment including SAN media servers.

Now my query is how i can see or differentiate between SAN media servers and Core media servers(network clients backup).

When i go to HOST PROPERTIES----MEDIA SERVERS----I see all 30 media servers.

Now how i can filter it or command line to check only my SAN media servers or core media servers.i mean what all are my SAN media servers and what all are my other media servers without logging onto that MEDIA SERVERS.




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NIKHIL2346565959's picture

Hi All,

any replies on this query will be welcomed.

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Check for the licenses installed on each media server,

Run command : bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose

1. Enterprise Client license key

2. Shared Storage Option (SSO) license key (If drives are shared among multiple media servers)

If you find above to licenses installed on media server then that is SAN media server. and others are Core (normal) media servers.


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Hello Nikhil,

I guess, you want to see media servers by type 

you can use this command with many sorting type:

nbemmcmd -listhosts | grep media  


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Thanks ontherocks.

I need to check from master server putty or from the master server GUI.

Is there any command or steps for this?

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Run command : bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose


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Licensing is a good way to see this as has been sugested from the other posts, since you not looking to login to eanch server to see, add -M server to the bpminlicense command:

bpminlicense -M server -list_keys -verbose.

You will have to run this 30 times, but if you can get that scripted and grep for Enterprise Client and Shared Storage Option, you should get what your looking for

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Please can anybody provide me the script for this.It will be very helpful.thanks.

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It all depends on whether the correct license keys are installed on the SAN media servers.

Just issue the command above for each of your media servers and San media servers.

If you have a list of host/server names in a text file, you can loop through them as follows:

for i in `cat <filename>` 
bpminlicense -M $i -list_keys -verbose >> /tmp/license.out


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@mARIANNE:I need to see all the SAN media servers from master server GUI or master server putty.

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With the script Marianne gace you, you need to have a Putty session opened. You cannot run shell scripts from the GUI!!!

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Use nbemmcmd -listhosts to obtain a list of servers, then add them to a text file and loop through them with the bpminlicense command.

There is no easy way. You will have to send output to a text file and sift through the output.

There is no command or GUI option that will display SAN media servers only.

You can also check MachineFlags field in 'nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose' output.
SAN Media servers should not have 'Remote Client' feture.

See similar discussion over here:

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