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SAN media server drive shows as SCAN-TLD

Created: 12 Dec 2013 • Updated: 24 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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we are using SSO and shared drives between master and SAN 30 medias servers.

SCAN-TLD is generally with master server but here i am seeing for two drives, SCAN-TLD is showing for two SAN medias server.

How i can change it. Do i add/remove server via gui. Do i need to restart NBU services on SAN media server.

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No problem if SAN media server become SCAN-TLD host. There are no way to switch scan host manually. Scan host may switch to other media server by stopping media manager on this media server, but why do you need to do so affecting running services?

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SCAN means that the server is the SCAN host. It might not hurt to restart ltid.
Do you have your fabric set up so the other media servers also see the drives? When you run the drive wizard, does it see the drives from all media servers involved?
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It's perfectly normal for it to move between servers - if there are no issues, leave well alone.
In fact, thinking about this, it is impossible to stop it moving, as a media server requesting a tape mount for example, will become the scan host for that drive.

Regards,  Martin
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What you can do is set the master to have a scanability setting higher than than the media servers.

This command will show the scanability setting of the servers
nbemmcmd -listhost -verbose to verify the scanability defined for the servers

The default is 5

You could set the master to 9 and the medias to 5 (if not already at 5)

#nbemmcmd -updatehost -machinename -machinetype master -scanability 9

When changing the media server, you will need to define the master server, for example (this is also run on the master server)

#nbemmcmd -updatehost -machinename -machinetype -scanability (0-9) -masterserver

ltid would need to be restarted on any server where this setting is changed.

However, if things are working I do NOT recommend doing this - the quickest way to break NBU is to make changes that don't need to be made. The above would only usually be considered if messages appear relating to the scan host and the drives cannot be used. If drives are being used and there are no scan host issues that last for more than say a minute, do not change anything.

The above will NOT stop the scan host moving between servers. As mentioned this s perfectly normal and is part of how SSO works.


Regards,  Martin
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