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SAN transport mode for backup

Created: 26 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

Hi All,

I am configure my BE with 2 Gigabit cards : one for production network and one for ISCSI netowork. I use Microsoft initiator to connect to SAN and see 3 LUNS lik below. As i know it should appear as "UNKNOW" but one of my LUN appears as "BASIC". Do i do anything wrong ? After implementing that, BE still use NDB transport mode for backup. Can anyone help me ?


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That 1 disk appears as Basic because it has been initialized. Is this just a blank disk or did it contain data?

The others are order to use them you need to initialize them, format them with the NTFS file system, span them if needed and then create a B2D on them and direct your backups to them.


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Hi CraigV,

Sorry i forgot to explain that those 2 LUNS ( 1TB) are my VMFS volumn. They contains VM hosted by Vphere5.

I want to use BE to backup my VMs by SAN transport mode to speed up the backup time. However BE still use NDB transport method to backup those VMs to disk (DAS).



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Thanks CraigV, i have read those articles before. But i am still having problem in configuring. I am using 2 Dell R710 as Vphere5 hosts, Dell MD3000i as my SAN and Dell R310 with DAS as BE server.

let me summary a little bit on how to configure SAN mode:

1. BE configure to not to mount new volumn automatically, new volumns from SAN are seen as "unknown volumn" in windows Disk manager.

2. BE has 2 gigabyte cards : One for production network to talk with Vcenter and ESXI host, the other card is for ISCSI network.

3. Using microsoft initiator to connect to SAN and get VMFS luns in san as "unknown volumn" in BE server

4. Backup job to choose SAN as transport method. If choosing more than one option, SAN will prioritize over NBD etc.

Am i missing anything ?



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Do anyone have experience on SAN mode ? Please give me some of your advices. Thanks